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Since I moved to Tuscany, as a passionate food blogger, I spent lot of time discovering this region considered an authentic heaven for food and wine lovers.

With this gastronomic tour I would like to share with you what I have discovered through the time, not a tourist excursion but a real experience: a couple of hours of walking through the Florentine streets, talking about the food and what it still represents in an Italian family, old traditions and modern life.

We will enjoy the ritual of the Italian breakfast, with a "cappuccino and cornetto" standing on the bar's counter, the tasty Florentine street food, the vibrant and coloured food market, an "aperitivo" with a slice of pecorino cheese and red wine or a quick snack with a little truffle panini.

Follow me through my favourite bars, restaurants, foodie corners and kitchen props shops in Florence.

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