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I have been teaching cooking classes now for more than 8 years and I absolutely love it!

While focusing on cooking skills and recipes I truly hope that with each and every class I can bring across what food and cooking represents for me.

By picking what's in season, locally grown from the surrounding Tuscan hills and then learning how to make appropriate use of each of the ingredients.  Understanding these choices is key in understanding on how to respect the human body and its environment in a wholesome and sustainable way.

In Italy tradition and food are strongly tied together.  Each and every recipe is testament to the history and the heritage of the surrounding culture in its original environment. By keeping those traditions alive we allow them to change and evolve and become part of our traditions today.

….    sitting at a table. One of the most rewarding ways of honoring ourselves is by enjoying a meal a midst others. Having a meal with family and friends becomes something way bigger than just eating, laughing or chit chatting, it’s about creating great memories and making memorable moments.

Improving your cooking skills, knowing what knife to use for chopping veggies or which one to use to debone a chicken. Knowing the difference why what pan for a risotto or knowing what flour makes the perfect fresh pasta: minor details, but what a big difference they can make.

Cooking is of course serious stuff, intimidating at best. Improve your skills but don’t forget to have fun while doing it.

Be courageous and change things around, taste new foods, explore new flavors, be playful... Take my recipes and make them… ”Uniquely Yours”.

So please join me for a 4 hrs hands-on fun filled cooking class. Ending the class with a delicious sit-down meal where we will explore and enjoy the creations you learned to prepare.  All ingredients and necessary equipment are provided for as well as a recipe booklet for you to take home.

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